Act-Belong-Commit Co:Dance

Junior Program<br>(7 - 12 years old)

Junior Program
(7 - 12 years old)

Join us on a new and exciting journey where we ignite our imaginations. Have fun, dance, and play. Each day will involve contemporary dance class followed by a range of activities that will help you create your own ideas and movements, as well as learn some short sequences of choreography. The week culminates with a short, informal performance for friends and family of the work created.

Senior Program <br>(13 - 18 years old)

Senior Program
(13 - 18 years old)

A week long school holiday workshop for ages 13 and above. Each day will include dance technique class, followed by professional choreographer-led sessions to assist participants to devise their own dance and movement material. Our Senior program will include a focus on increasing improvisation skills for creative development, exam preparation, audition practice, and individual choreographic tasking.

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