Co:Y Club Registration Form 2020 – Term 4

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  • Contact number (landline or mobile) must be provided in case of emergency or if we need to contact you in relation to Co:Y Club Zoom sessions.
  • All communications and updates about the Co:Y Club program will be sent to this email address. Please mark 'Co3' as safe in your inbox.
  • If the participant does not use Instagram, a Parent/ Guardian account needs be provided .

    I consent for The Contemporary Dance Company of Western Australia Ltd, trading as Co3 Contemporary Dance, its sponsors and partners, to use images/video footage of my child/me during program activities for the purpose of use in any Company publication (all media, including internet), exhibitions, marketing, publicity and documentation. I understand that this may include my child’s/my first name, the place and date of the image for publication and that that no royalty, fee or other compensation shall become payable to me by reason of such use. To respect the privacy of Co:Y Club members, the sharing of photographs or videos of Co:Y Club sessions by anyone other than Co3 is not permitted.

    Through participating in Co:Y Club. We aims to offer members a positive and professional dance and engagement experience. The Company expects that young people who participate in the program, understand that a high standard of cooperation, commitment and behaviour is expected. Be polite and courteous to toward staff, guests and peers at all times. Bullying or discrimination of any sort during Co:Y Club sessions or via the Co:Y Club Instagram page will not be tolerated, please contact us should an issue arise. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is NOT PERMITTED during Co:Y Club sessions. Co3 will not take responsibility for any injury or accident sustained during Co:Y Club sessions.