Ella-Rose is a founding dancer of Co3. Graduating from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) with a Bachelor of Arts (Dance) in 2009, she was awarded the Hawaiian Award for Most Outstanding Graduate. In 2010 Ella-Rose was a member of LINK Dance Company under Artistic Director Michael Whaites.

As an independent artist Ella-Rose has developed and performed works by Laura Boynes, Shona Erskine, Emma Fishwick, Storm Helmore, Yilin Kong, Jenni Large, Paea Leach, Rhiannon Newton, Jo Pollitt, Sue Peacock, Cadi McCarthy, Tyrone Robinson, Aimee Smith and Isabella Stone.

In 2012 and 2013 Ella-Rose was a member of Buzz Dance Theatre, performing in works by Cadi McCarthy and Laura Boynes and delivering community, youth and education programs throughout metropolitan, regional and remote Western Australia.

In 2013, alongside collaborator Isabella Stone, Ella-Rose undertook an IETM facilitated exchange with the JoJo Dance Centre in Oulu, Finland and in 2015 was the recipient of the Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts, Young People and the Arts Fellowship. Ella-Rose regularly teaches for LINK Dance Company, STRUT Dance and WAAPA.

Since joining Co3 Ella-Rose has performed in Co3’s seasons of re:Loaded (2015 & 2016), Paper, Scissors, Rocket! (UnKempt Dance, 2016 & 2017) and Raewyn Hill’s THE ZONE (2017).

In 2017, Ella-Rose took up the role of Co3’s Associate Artist which sees her performing in main stage productions, leading the Act-Belong-Commit Co:Youth Ensemble and delivering the education program throughout primary and secondary schools in WA.

Ella-Rose will perform in WA Dance Makers Project in September, performing works by Chrissie Parrott and Unkempt Dance.

“Mitch Harvey and Ella-Rose Trew impress with their powerful responses throughout” – Nerida Dickinson, ArtsHub

“One dancer (Ella-Rose Trew) plies deeply and widely, arms reaching and body circling as though stirring a giant pot of emotion.” – Nina Levy, The West Australian

“More established performers in Associate Artist Ella-Rose Trew and Guest Artist Andrew Searle demonstrate their capabilities with leading roles in small groups, holding attention with their personal presence as well as controlled physicality.” – Nerida Dickinson, Artshub

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act belong commit

Antonio Rinaldi

Ella-Rose Trew

Jessica Lewis
Youth & Engagement Associate

Youth & Engagement Associate

Mark Howett

Unkempt Dance


Chrissie Parrott


City of Perth

Australia Council for the Arts

The Japan Foundation, Sydney

Department of Culture and the Arts

City of Perth

All Saints' College

Frank Enstein

In Preparation for Frank Enstein (5-8 April 2016), Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre WA

re:Loaded 2016

In preparation for re:Loaded 2016, 16-19 March 2016, Heath Ledger Theatre, State Theatre Centre WA

Matthew Whittet

Antony Hamilton

Asialink Residency

Join Raewyn Hill on her creative journey as she completes a prestigious twelve-week Asialink Residency at Tokyo Wonder Site in Tokyo, Japan.

(13 - 18 years old)

Join us for an immersive contemporary dance experience led by one of Co:3 Australia’s expert teaching artists.

Over 3 days dancers can develop their individual practice, curiosity and understanding of contemporary dance at a professional level in a fun environment. Building skills in contemporary technique, choreographic practice, improvisation, repertoire and movement research the senior Co:Dance program is ideal for preparation toward auditions, WACE exams, entry into tertiary dance training or specialised practice.

Wed 22 - Fri 24 January 2020, 9AM - 12PM

(7 - 12 years old)

Looking for something creative, imaginative and fun this school holidays?

Join us for Co:3 Australia’s Co:Dance junior program! Led by one of Co:3 Australia’s expert teaching artists, Co:Dance allows you to feed your creativity through contemporary dance technique class and a range of awesome activities and tasks in a supportive team environment. Come dance for 1, 2 or 3 days, and add some serious spark to your holidays!

Mon 20 - Wed 22 January 2020, 9AM - 12PM


Follow Raewyn Hill's journey as she completes her twelve-week Asialink Residency at the Tokyo Wonder Site in Japan.

Tessa Redman

I stay in my own world where there is no such thing as a restriction, just swirls and twirls of energy whisking me away. An invisible whirlwind carries me along as fireworks travel through my body and my eyes sharp. Flickering, flinging parts of my body everywhere, all disconnected and as quick as a frog’s tongue. The thoughts in my head move as quickly as my body – there is no time to think, just feel this overflow of everything that fills and releases. "Continuance ripple throughout with fast hard arm and leg movement, has small, quick steps underneath themselves." - Emma. "Fast in transit, next thing to the next thing while the world changes around you" - Jack. "Tessa moves like a regal bird caught in an invisible whirlwind." - Rhiana.

Otto Pye

When I move I sort of zone out from everything else and focus on the piece of floor just in front of me. Nearly all I think about is what I'm doing, what I have to do next and what my movement quality is. I know that my movement has a lot of pressure, tension and resistance, I also know that I have very curly wrists and that it's "like the twisting roots of a tree". "Otto moves like a water bender, manipulating the air between his hands as if it was tangible." - Rhiana. "Body closed and grounded with wide open palm and short tension until together, twisted up and contracted." - Emma. "Intense, twisted, inside, grounded" - Alex.

Jack Jenkins

Just not quite there yet, close but no cigar. Ideas that are new in the head, not necessarily the body. Intention carried out but not complete. It worked. 3/16 possibility. Ready to fall yet I catch myself before I do. Unique, interesting, but not polished. Will be ready soon but not in the present. "Jack moves like a slow motion rollercoaster with sometimes dysfunctional breaks." - Rhiana. "Sense of twist suspension then heavy release throughout, off balance spins into fall and catch rebounding." - Emma. "No limits, no balance, a connection with all that surrounds." - Tessa.

Emma Hutchinson

Dancing freely, ripple turning body, suspension until fly out in different directions. Arms spin until body catches up leading in with suspension and then catch. "Emma moves like a wave constantly at its peak, always on the brink of crashing, but never tumbling over." - Rhiana. "A dancing ribbon being gracefully twirled." - Tessa. "Wind, water flowing, floating, hovering" - Alex.

Alex De Prazer

Suspended and swirling movements that change direction but flow evenly. Head down following the patterns the feet are making. Slowing down at the height and then falling through the body. "Alex moves like an action hero in a hurricane. Contained and controlled, yet moving with the unpredictability of swinging weight." - Rhiana. "Drop catch swings with suspensions until release in a corridor space, downward focus with energy flying out." - Emma. "Smooth windmill with a touch of angst, whilst dozing off." - Jack.

Rhiana Hocking-Katz

I move like a poisonous animal. Constantly aware and careful, with an overwhelming elastic tension. My movements are purposeful and voluminous, trying to reach out through the walls around me, eating the space. Every now and again, the elastic in my body snaps, releasing the energetic tension in poisonous flicks. Quick flicks with open palms and spread fingers, twisted spine with bent arms and legs moving within the socket. "Moves throughout the space travelling with large lunges and symmetrical arms." - Emma "A fierce energy with precision that draws you in and leaves you wanting more" - Tessa "Elastic, cat like movements, changing direction randomly" - Alex


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