Katherine is a founding dancer of Co:3 Australia. Katherine graduated from WAAPA in 2012, where she was awarded the Hawaiian Award for Dance for the Most Outstanding Graduating student in Bachelor of Arts, and the Dance Theatre of Western Australia Award.

Since graduating, Katherine has worked in Adelaide with Lisa Griffiths, in her work Chance and as a recipient of the Australia Council’s Artstart grant, was able to perform with Tasdance and Dancenorth in Threefold: Gavin Webber/Raewyn Hill/Huang Yi, as well as to travel to the UK to broaden her dance influences through secondments and workshops. Katherine has worked with Tasdance touring Luminous Flux: TanjaLedjke/ByronPerrythrough Victoria and New South Wales and performed in Co:3 Australia’s re:Loaded (2015 & 2016) choreographed by Larissa McGowan, Gavin Webber and Raewyn Hill.

In March 2016 Katherine completed her Yoga teacher trainer training and taught across Perth.

Katherine performed in Raewyn Hill’s the cry in 2016, Co:3 Australia’s first full-length work as part of the MoveMe Festival, and travelled to Sydney for the development of Crazy Times choreographed by Anthony Hamilton in collaboration with Sydney Dance Company.

Katherine was funded by DCA to perform as the understudy for the Anton Lachky Company for the premiere of Cartoon in Hasselt, Belgium. Katherine also performed in Raewyn Hill’s THE ZONE in 2017.

In June 2018 Katherine won her Bodybuilding Pro Card with ICN in the Sports Model Category. Katherine also performed in WA Dance Makers Project with works choreographed by Chrissie Parrott and Unkempt Dance in 2018.

Most recently Katherine performed in Garry Stewart’s Reincarnation in collaboration with Co:3 Australia and West Australian Ballet as part of In-Synch: Ballet at the Quarry and THE LINE (2019) co-directed by Raewyn Hill & Mark Howett.


Nerida Dickinson

/ Arts Hub

"Katherine Gurr is compelling with her facial expressions and spasming bodily responses to 'electric shock' cues hidden within Charlie Chan’s imaginative music”

Nina Levy

/ The West Australian

"Katherine Gurr was the stand-out, her final solo a maelstrom of manic activity and silent diatribes."

Megan Green

/ Australian Stage

"Dancer Katherine Gurr is particularly magnificent throughout, exhibiting admirable stamina in an epileptic fit-inducing finale.”

Cicely Binford

/ Perth Arts Live

"Katherine Gurr's intense solo work at the piece's conclusion is extremly visceral and elicts audible reactions of amusement and awe from the audience"

Rita Clarke

/ The Australian

"Most Outstanding Dancer 2016 - Katherine Gurr, in Co3's re:Loaded"

Nina Levy

/ The West Australian

"Most Outstanding Dancer 2016 - Katherin Gurr (Co3) in Larissa McGowan's Transducer and Raewyn Hill's Carnivale, re:Loaded 2015"

Nerida Dickinson

/ Artshub

“Solo or foregrounded displays from Katherine Gurr and Mitch Harvey are memorable highlights, demonstrating personal passion and skill as well as providing respite from the high drama of the emotive massed group scenes.”