Luci is a part of Co3’s Act-Belong-Commit Co:Youth Ensemble. Since joining in 2015, she has performed in Our City, Our Stories at the Dolphin Theatre and Project NEXT at the Centre for Performing Arts at All Saints’ College.

After a start in gymnastics, Luci began dancing at a young age. She currently trains in ballet on a scholarship at the Graduate College of Dance, and has been there for over five years. Luci has a passion for all aspects of the arts and spends as much time as she can in the theatre, on and off the stage.

Luci is in Year 10 at Methodist Ladies College, and has been a part of MLC Dance Theatre for two years.

“[Young’s] Liz is kooky and awkward, but eminently likeable – a very strong performance from a talented actor/dancer.” – Kimberley Shaw, Stage Whispers

“Young is enviously supple and radiant and draws you into her self-absorbed musings as she dances in the abandoned way of those who think they are unobserved.” – Rita Clarke, The Australian

“Young’s Liz was full of delightful bravura, whether tossing her head wildly to the instructions of an ‘advanced at-home dance class” issuing from her old-school ghetto blaster of losing herself in a spine rippling solo, performed with an exuberance and abandonment beyond her years.” – Nina Levy, Seesaw Magazine


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