Luci is a young dancer currently training in Perth at Pevnev Ballet Academy whilst attending The School Of Isolated and Distance Education to complete her high school studies.

She is part of Co:3 Australia’s Act-Belong-Commit Co:Youth Ensemble and Elite Training Squad. Since joining in 2016, she has performed in Our City, Our Stories at the Dolphin Theatre and Project NEXT 2017- 2019 at the Centre for Performing Arts at All Saints’ College.

In 2018 Luci performed the Role of Liz in Co:3 Australia’s remount production of Frankenstein and was awarded Performing Arts WA’s award for Best Newcomer in recognition of her performance.

Luci has a passion for all aspects of the arts and spends as much time as she can in the theatre on and off the stage.

“[Young’s] Liz is kooky and awkward, but eminently likeable – a very strong performance from a talented actor/dancer.” – Kimberley Shaw, Stage Whispers

“Young is enviously supple and radiant and draws you into her self-absorbed musings as she dances in the abandoned way of those who think they are unobserved.” – Rita Clarke, The Australian

“Young’s Liz was full of delightful bravura, whether tossing her head wildly to the instructions of an ‘advanced at-home dance class” issuing from her old-school ghetto blaster of losing herself in a spine rippling solo, performed with an exuberance and abandonment beyond her years.” – Nina Levy, Seesaw Magazine