Nicole graduated from the New Zealand School of Dance. In 2010 she was a member of LINK Dance Company working with Michael Whaites, Craig Bary, Rhys Martin and Chrissie Parrott. Since then she has performed works with STRUT Dance and independent artists Antony Hamilton, Brooke Leeder, Ashleigh Berry, Isabella Stone, Emma Fishwick, Kathleen Szalay Hoffman, Carol Brown (NZ), Helen Duncan and Quindell Orton.

Nicole is an independent artist developing her practice through various roles including dancer, collaborator, youth/community facilitator and choreographer. In 2014 she was appointed Dance Specialist and Rehearsal Director for Buzz Dance Theatre working closely with director Lucas Jervies on Ecobots and Plain Jane.

Process-Space Art Festival in Balchik (Bulgaria), invited Nicole and long term collaborator Ashleigh Berry (UK) to create and present a new dance work titled Human Sketch.  The photographic installation and dance film component of the work is currently touring national galleries in Bulgaria for the duration of 2015.

Get to know Nicole Ward:

How old were you when you started dancing?

3.5 years old, trying out tap and jazz.

Where did you train?

Graduate College of Dance (Perth) and New Zealand School of Dance.

What is your favourite place to visit?

I’ve just returned from overseas, and I loved Istanbul and many places in Italy.

How do you like to relax?

Relaxing to me is spending time with my fiancé, friends and cheeky dog Rossi. I love cooking with my mum followed by family gatherings, hilarious chaotic conversation and way too much italian food. I also enjoy watching The Hotel Inspector and Selling Houses Australia.

Apart from dancing and teaching dance, what other jobs do you have?

I work for a catering company; actually I’m a VIP Corporate Suite Host as I deal with all the big-wigs!

Favourite food?

Pasta and Green (chicken) Twisties (here’s a tip – put the twisties in the fridge first before eating – it’ll blow your mind!).

Favourite movie? 

My favourite movies are Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music. I always wanted to be Fraulein Maria; singing and dancing on mountains all day dressed in curtains looked like so much fun.

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