Zachary is a founding dancer of Co3. He began his dance training at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), graduating in 2013 and received the Most Outstanding Graduate Scholarship and the Exceptional Young Artist Scholarship for Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year (PPY) in 2014. Zachary was the recipient of a 2015 Artstart Grant from the Australia Council, enabling him to learn from and work with artists internationally including Marina Mascarell and as an apprentice dancer with Ivan Perez (Korzo Theatre, Netherlands).

Zachary was commissioned to make a work on Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year 2016 Like a Salmon in the Sahara, which performed at Carriageworks in Sydney 2016. This year he has been developing a new work support by the Department of Culture and the Arts.

He has worked with Opera Australia, Ochre Contemporary Dance Company and Sydney Dance Company as an Associate Artist performing Le Grand Tango with Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Zachary performed in Raewyn Hill’s the cry, Co3’s first full-length work as part of the MoveMe Festival.

He began 2017 performing at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney Dance Company’s ‘Nude Live’ as part of Sydney Festival. Zachary collaborated with Chrissie Parrot on her new development of Elk in Perth. Zachary performed in Frank Enstein made by THE FARM, in collaboration with Co3 Australia (2017 & 2018). Zachary also performed in Raewyn Hill’s THE ZONE in 2017.

“Zachary Lopez joins her on stage, with fluid movements and conflicts expressed in organic ways.” – Nerida Dickinson, Artshub

“The show features not only backpack vacuum cleaners but also a dustbuster solo from Co3’s whipsharp Zachary Lopez as the dance creature who emerged from the bin, half 80s-powersuited woman and half unitard-dance monster” – Kathryn Kelly, Real Time Arts

“Searle, Lopez and Maslin embraced the hyper-mobility of their humanoid characters with cleanly executed, beautifully controlled, and (most importantly for comedy), impeccably timed movement that was hugely entertaining” – Denise Richardson, Dance Australia

“Zachary Lopez, one of the monsters who is formed in a bin from mismatching parts, and has a naughty side. His dance with a vacuum cleaner will have you laughing hard” – Susie Conte, Perth Arts Live

“As the creation found in the bin, Zachary Lopez carries off the mixed up monster well” – Nerida Dickinson, Artshub

“Three dancers (Zachary Lopez, Andrew Searle, Russell Thorpe) roll like waves around one another, the long black skirts of all cast members swirling in sympathy” – Nina Levy, The West Australian

“Lopez both amused and amazed as a series of crazed vibrations overtook his body.” – Nina Levy, Seesaw Magazine

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