Co3 is driven by a high performance culture, aimed at maximising the potential of our company dancers as dynamic contemporary dance artists.

Devised by Artistic Director Raewyn Hill, Co3 implements a supplementary training program that incorporates dance psychology (Dr. Shona Erskine), Power Yoga (Hayley Schmidt at Beyond Being Power Yoga), and CrossFit (Jen Smith at Niche CrossFit). In addition, Co3 emphasises post-rehearsal and performance proactive recovery to optimise body repair. Dr. Shona Erskine’s expertise in the field of performance psychology and preparedness provides Co3 dancers the tools with which to approach the demands and rigors of a life in contemporary dance performance and artistic pursuit.

Jen Smith (Niche CrossFit), and Hayley Schmidt (Beyond Being Power Yoga), both provide expert training in their respective disciplines. The foundations of CrossFit, as constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity, and Beyond Being’s strong, deep, and powerful yoga practice that cultivates an open mind and a fearless heart assists Co3 dancers to reach and sustain high-levels of performance.