Tanya Rodin began dancing as a pigeon-toed, farm girl, at the local ballet school in regional NSW. Tanya graduated from the Western Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) with a Bachelor of Arts (Dance) in 2015.

During her training at WAAPA Tanya performed in works by Sue Peacock, Sue Healey, Michael Whaites, Oded Ronens, Kynan Hughes and Louise Honeybuls.

In 2011 Tanya won ‘Best Female Artist’ as well as the ‘Individual Prize’, at F.A.S.T and FRESH, Sydney’s under 21s choreographic competition. And in 2015 she choreographed Fischer & Paykel for ‘Unleash’ Student Works Season.

In 2016, Tanya recently completed her Honours, as part of the Link Dance Company, at the Western Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). This included various performing opportunities in Perth, as well as a European and East Coast Tour. Tanya performed works by Isabella Stone, Scott Ewen, ilDance; Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer, Michael Whaites, Michael Getman and Raewyn Hill.

In 2017, Tanya took part in Daisy Saunders interactive performance artwork A Resting Mess. Tanya joined Co:3 Australia as a City of Perth Developing Artist in 2017, performing in Raewyn Hill’s THE ZONE.

In 2018, Tanya performed in Perth FRINGE, in Honeymoon Suite, choreographed by Bernadette Lewis, which was awarded with the Dance and Physical Theatre award for 2018. Also, the Blue Room Theatre’s FRINGE MicroMoves, in a piece choreographed by Zachary Lopez. Tanya was also given the opportunity to be a part of the Propel Youth Arts KickstART Festival ‘Hidden Movements’ Mentorship program.

In NSW, Tanya performed her solo as a part of Lingua Franca’s FOUR project, under the mentorship of Alison Plevey and Adam Francis, and has been working with Lingua Franca on the development of Mighty. At the beginning of 2018, Tanya was awarded one of the CreateNSW ‘Young Regional Artist Scholarships’, to help support a self devised program for professional development, which she intends to complete next year. Tanya is a teaching artist for Co:3 Australia’s Act-Belong-Commit Co:Education program and has worked with Annette Carmichael as a support artist for Chorus.

Jo Pollitt

/ The West

"Dancer to watch."

Nerida Dickinson

/ Artshub

“Special mention goes to Tanya Brown, a City of Perth Developing Artist who has recently joined Co3. With such assurance displayed so early in her career, Brown will hopefully bring great things in future.”

Nina Levy

/ The West Australian

“Another dancer (Tanya Brown) performs a gorgeous solo of casually stepping leg extensions.”

Jo Pickup

/ Seesaw

"Under the spotlight, (Brown) moves are a mix of the beastly and the beautiful. Flinching and flowing"