THE STANCE – By Liesel Zink

The Stance is a durational dance and sound performance that investigates the choreography of bodies in protest and questions what it means to put your body on the line for something you believe in.

Politically evocative and physically demanding, The Stance is an imposing act of endurance that channels the history of public protest and recent acts of global action, activism and intervention.

Dancers perform to a remarkable live score of music transmitted through wireless headsets creating an intimate viewing experience for the audience.

Choreographer Liesel Zink will collaborate with Co3’s Act-Belong-Commit Co:Youth Ensemble to question how and why we protest: What makes us go tothe streets to march? How much are we willing to sacrifice to create change? Are we making an impact or is this becoming an empty action?

‘This is a magnificent, special artwork. It expresses the drama of a public space in which for over a century many souls have taken a stance in the cause of freedom’ (Matt Foley). 

The Stance is supported by The City of Perth as part of the City of Perth Co:Youth City Activation Dance Project.

The Stance will be performed free to audiences in Forrest Chase on Saturday 1st December from 10-12pm and Sunday 2nd December from 3-5:30pm.