Act-Belong-Commit // Connect Program

A creative movement workshop with a Co:3 artist to take flight!

The final offering in the Under the Same Sky program is a creative movement workshop for students of any experience level, either in person or online. This workshop will: 

  • promote physical and mental wellness, and connection with peers 
  • challenge students creatively through guided movement activities and tasks 
  • connect to themes in Part Two: Storytelling 
  • provide a Professional Development opportunity for teachers 

The Makers in Motion workshop can be delivered in a classroom, studio space, undercover area or grassed area – we can adapt to suit your situation. (Offered as a 1 hour engagement). Longer residencies are also available upon enquiry (multi-session/full term).  

STEP 1: Contact our Youth and Engagement Associate, Jessica Lewis via to organise your Makers in Motion workshop with Co3 Artist Storm Helmore. 

STEP 2: Show students the following introductory video 'Part Three Introduction – Storm Helmore' prior to the workshop session. 

STEP 3: Show students Co:3 Australia’s 'Archives of Humanity (First Stage Development) Showreel' prior to the workshop session. 



Part Three: Makers in Motion Curriculum Links - DANCE