Act-Belong-Commit // Connect Program

A reflective or imaginative response from within the flock

To accompany the bird-making process, PART TWO invites a storytelling response from students with the option to: 

  • Share the story and memories behind their chosen black garment 
  • Reflect on their experience of living through this unsettling and ever evolving time in our world 
  • Devise an imaginative piece about their unique crafted bird 

Through a registration process (see STEP 3 below), these responses will be collected and incorporated into the archives of stories as part of our production, ARCHIVES OF HUMANITY in 2021.  

A lesson plan is provided to guide teachers through the three response prompts.  Responses can be written (reflection, poem, journal entry, letter etc) or drawn/painted. 

If you would like to book a workshop for your students with Co3 Teaching Artist and writer Tanya Rodin, to delve deeper into storytelling and guide them through PART TWO, please contact our Youth and Education Associate, Jess Lewis via

Otherwise, follow the steps below to take your students through PART TWO: STORYTELLING

STEP 1:  View and download the Storytelling Lesson Plan. 

STEP 2:  Show students the following “Part Two Introduction – Tanya Rodin” video to begin the lesson. 

STEP 3: Once the stories and birds (PART ONE) are completed, please Register Your Student Flock. 

Registered birds will be collected by Co3 before the end of Term 4, 2020. Until then, you are welcome to create your own flock of birds installation in your school to exhibit the students’ amazing creations! 


Part Two: Storytelling Curriculum Links – ENGLISH 

Time to get your makers and storytellers in motion!

Now your flock of makers are flying high, glide into PART THREE: MAKERS IN MOTION and engage with our creative movement workshop offering with Co:Teaching Artist, Storm Helmore.