14 February 2024

Co3 Contemporary Dance launches 2024 Season: MOVERS & MAKERS

Experience the world through dance.

Co3, Western Australia's state contemporary dance company, invites you to embark on a transformative journey through the art of movement with their upcoming 2024 Season: MOVERS & MAKERS. With the rallying call to "Experience the world through dance," Co3 promises a season that transcends boundaries, challenges the body, awakens the mind, and lifts the spirit.

Under the artistic direction of Raewyn Hill, Co3 proudly presents a celebratory season featuring contemporary dance works from five dynamic choreographers.

Zendra Giraudo is WHITESNAKE3000 (20-24 March) as part of IN.HOUSE. A collaborative creation by dance theatre maker Zendra Giraudo alongside director/ sound designer Joe Paradise Lui, theatre maker Briannah Davis, poet Andrew Sutherland, and movement artist Emma Fishwick. A work that springboards off a half-remembered legend in its exploration of Queer culture and a disconnected migrant identity.

Raewyn Hill’s CARNIVALE.6 (31 May-8 June) as part of West Australian Ballet’s season ‘STATE: Contemporary Vision’ sees a 12-strong blended ensemble of the State’s finest ballet and contemporary dance artists. Nationally recognised for devising emotionally charged transformative works of scale; Hill’s CARNIVALE.6, set to Ravel’s Bolero, is a hallmark creation that embraces all the rigour and vitality of her signature movement style.  Drawing inspiration from Spanish bullfighting and the historic" dancing plague" of 1518, Hill delivers a profound communal experience with raw, visceral, and intelligent energy. A stunning work full of pulsating rhythms and motifs that build to a cataclysmic all-consuming spirit of defiance.

Liz Cornish, Evgenia Plotkin Mikhailov and Storm Helmore are the makers on the triple bill, MOMENTUM UNVEILED (11-15 September), performed by IN.RESIDENCE recipient, Momentum Dance Perth. These choreographic voices, each contribute a unique perspective to the tapestry of contemporary dance. An inspiring season of works that honours diverse bodies and the grace and energy that can come with age.

"At Co3 we believe in the transformative power of dance to connect, provoke, and celebrate the human experience," says Hill. "Movers and Makers is an exploration of the endless possibilities within the world of contemporary dance, showcasing the creativity and innovation of artists and choreographers who push the boundaries of the art form."

Audiences can anticipate immersive thought-provoking dance experiences that go beyond the conventional.