We are grateful to the following individuals, families and businesses who support our vision of becoming a leading proponent of contemporary dance in the Australasian region.


Every donation makes a difference to us, our artists and our work. Thank you to all our supporters who continue to walk alongside us. You lift us up and make our future look brighter.

Founding Donors

Michael & Margrete Chaney


Wright Burt Foundation

Alexandra & Julian Burt


APS Physiotherapy
Robyn & Michael Smith
Michael & Margrete Chaney


Janet Holmes à Court AC
David & Julanne Griffiths
Monique & Randal Humich
Kate Walsh & Andrew Nixon
Anonymous (1) 


Greschen Brecker
Brit Helgeby
Paula Rogers & Phil Thick
Anonymous (1)


Zelinda Bafile
Alecia Benzie
Helen Carroll
Jason & Su-Lyn Chong
Clelia Cole
Cecile Crochu & Alan Ng, EuroAustralis
Alana Culverhouse
Robbie Deephouse 
Mario D’Orazio
Stefan Karlsson

Gary Mack  
The Re Store Pty Ltd
Anonymous (3)


Rob & Sarah Bentley  
Tim Bult & Lisa Church
Griffiths Architects 
Catherine Henwood
Scott King
Iris Koornstra
Peter & Clare Metcalfe
Allan Miles
The Montauk Lighting Co.
Anonymous (3) 



Elaine & Reuben Dias  
Naomi Flutter 
Laura Kjellgren
Anne Nolan 

Jill & Jeremy Nyman 
Daryn Subritzky 
Wendy Wise & Nicholas Mayman 
Michelle Morgan
Anonymous (1) 


Jaz Cappeau-Seeber
Penny Dolling 
Rina Freiburg 
Caitlin Harvey 
Peter Kift 
Ninja Software 
Gabrielle Sumich 
Philip Raymont 
Deborah Robertson 
Anonymous (3) 

≤ $99

Monique Beaudoire & Steve Hogden
Marcus Canning
Dawn Jackson
Irene Jarzabek
Rogerson Family
Yannis Vrodos
Anonymous (5)


This list acknowledges donations to Co3 in the last year as at 31 October 2022. Every effort is made to keep the listing of our Co3 Heroes accurate. However, should you notice an error please contact Development Manager, Suzie Combémorel on 9226 2322. Thank you again for your support.