We are grateful to the following individuals, families and businesses who support our vision of becoming a leading proponent of contemporary dance in the Australasian region.


Donors are currently supporting our Covid-19 recovery plan. Enabling us to continue to employ our contracted artists, maximising our ability to deliver current programs and develop new ones for release in 2020-21.


Brit Helgeby


Ecovision Homes
Anonymous (3)


Sandy, Michael and May-Lee Anghie
Nathan & Elly Bennett
Jason & Su-Lyn Chong
Kate Dennis
E & R Dias
Sasha Edwards
Dana Henderson
Ichiban Commercial Solutions
Peter R Kift
Andra Kins
The Maton Family
Peter and Clare Metcalfe
J & J Nyman
Kim Parry
Sonia Seidl
Maria Sioulas
The Sorenson Family
Susannah Thompson
Maria Yakimov and Stefano Carboni
Anonymous (6)


Theodore J.M. Fawcett
R. Foster
Anonymous (2)


Donors investing in our people and demonstrate faith in our creative prowess.

Michael & Margrete Chaney – Major Donors

Jason & Su-Lyn Chong
Shane Colquhoun & Leigh Cathcart
Vicky Dodds
Ecovision Homes
Jennifer Fulton
Dana Henderson
Stefan Karlsson
Khaki Investments Pty Ltd
Gary Mack
Susan McIntosh
Peter & Clare Metcalfe
Deborah Robertson
Rowley Foundation
Michael Smith
Subritzky Family
Anonymous (6)

Heart & Soul

Launched in 2016, the Heart & Soul campaign was made possible through the generous support of Major Donors, Michael and Margrete Chaney. Enabling employment and development opportunities for dancers. (This campaign has now closed).

Michael & Margrete Chaney – Major Donors

Sandy Anghie
APS Physiotherapy
Aaron Beach
Rob & Sarah Bentley
Shane Colquhoun & Leigh Cathcart
Nicole Ward & Dwayne Dobinson
Penny Dolling
David & Julanne Griffiths
Angela Gurr
Raewyn Hill
Jon & Caro Stewart Family Foundation
Georgia Malone
Wendy Wise & Nicholas Mayman
Susan McIntosh
Minderoo Foundation
Dame Adrienne Stewart
Zenon Wozniak
Anonymous (4)