This community project ran from April to December 2020, and is now closed.

Through the remnants of shared experience, each stitch becomes bigger than the self.

Raewyn Hill with Naoko Yoshimoto Image by Stefan Gosatti

The Bird Makers Project was a global initiative devised by Raewyn Hill and Naoko Yoshimoto with Co3 Contemporary Dance. The project metaphorically expressed the hidden narratives and embedded memories of humanity through the fabric of clothes worn every day. It provided a unique opportunity to connect with our community in a way that provided a purposeful, creative and reflective experience during an uncertain and unstable time in our world.

Suitable for beginner and advanced sewers, participants were guided through online resources to create a single black bird made from a donated piece of black clothing. The resulting black birds represent our community's time in isolation, as we stood side by side in an unimagined situation, making history together.

Birds by Western Australian residents have now been collected and will become part of a flock of 1001 birds used in the set of Artistic Director, Raewyn Hill's new work, ARCHIVES OF HUMANITY, premiering in 2021.

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We are grateful to all Bird Makers, individuals, families and businesses who were involved and supported The Bird Makers Project in many and varied ways. You can see the full list in the link below of all those involved in giving us the gift to dream.