IN.CONVERSATION enables us to stay active in the dance discourse. In 2023 we invite a curator to host our annual offering of facilitated conversations for the sector. These activities allow us to invite the wider sector and our audience into our performance home to discover, discuss and debate themes currently driving and disrupting our dance community.  

If you are interested in attending, please select the following dates when booking your tickets. IN.CONVERSATION panel discussions will commence immediately following the performances listed below and are approximately 30-45min in duration. Topics will be announced closer to each season.

Friday 22 March


RR1, State Theatre Centre of WA

Hosted by Dr Renée Newman, Lecturer, Researcher and Research Supervisor Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). The panel includes Raewyn Hill (Co3 Artistic Director), Zendra Giraudo (IN.HOUSE Recipient/ Performance Maker) and Joe Paradise Lui (Director and collaborator).

Discussions revolved around migration, connection and identity.

Friday 7 June

STATE - Contemporary Vision ft. CARNIVALE.6
Heath Ledger Theatre Foyer, STCWA

Dive into the depths of contemporary dance and classical ballet as we explore their intersection, the significance of historical influences in crafting new works, and the dynamic evolution of artistic endeavours through creative practice and application. 

Taking place on Friday 7 June, from 6:30pm to 7:00pm, this intimate gathering in the Heath Ledger Theatre foyer sets the scene for the 7:30pm evening performance of STATE - Contemporary Vision presented by West Australian Ballet.  

Guided by host, Richard Longbottom (retired classical RNZB dancer, dramaturg, educator and former Executive Director of Co3 and Regional Engagement and Access Manager at West Australian Ballet), the panel features Raewyn Hill, Artistic Director of Co3 and mastermind behind CARNIVALE.6; David McAllister AC, the renowned Artistic Director of West Australian Ballet. 

This will be a thought-provoking discussion that delves into the essence of movement, artistic expression, and the symbiotic relationship between tradition and innovation. Don't miss this opportunity to engage with the leading minds shaping the future of dance in Western Australia. 

Other panel discussion to be announced later in the year.