Co3 Contemporary Dance Presents MINDCON  By Mitch Harvey Company

In a dystopian future two men are left behind...watch them battle for control.
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2 – 6 November 2021
European Foods Warehouse

77-85 Francis Street, Northbridge

MindCon  questions the ideas of the individual against the other and the power that is at play. Set in a futuristic dystopian world where lines blur between the observer and the performer. Audiences immerse themselves in the space, exploring the set and finding their place as one of its inhabitants. Taking up a point of sanctuary and sympathising with others around them.

It is within this world that we begin to see what happens when controlling forces and power shifts from individuals. Looking at where we stand by placing ourselves up against society. It is here that we find ourselves in a precarious place, on the verge of the unknown.  

Perhaps this is where we find our true selves.

Video by Matsu Photography

Mitch Harvey is the inaugural recipient of 2021 IN RESIDENCE commission as part of Co3’s PATHWAYS PROGRAM and issupported by the Wright Burt Foundation.
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Images: Matsu Photography

This event is non-seated. Attendees are encouraged to move around the performance space. Some seats will be available for people with mobility impairment. 

Content Warning 
Strong haze and smoke effects, loud noises, strobe lights. 

Mitch Harvey Company




Mitch Harvey

Director & Choreographer & Performer

Louis Frere-Harvey

Composer & Performer

Jackson Harvey

Set Design

Nemo Gandossini-Poirier

Lighting Design

Zee Zunnur

Rehearsal Director


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