Cultivating and mentoring artists is at the forefront of our practice. In 2021 we are excited to offer a number of artist centred activities extending our commitment to the independent sector in WA. Our PATHWAYS PROGRAM is an integral way for us to support established and emerging WA artists by sharing our resources and passion for the creation of dance work with our community.  

IN STUDIO, IN HOUSE, IN RESIDENCE and IN CONVERSATION encourage discussion and the development of choreographic practice of WA dance makers.

IN STUDIO: 100 free hours of studio space available.

IN HOUSE: $2,000 each to five choreographers plus 40 hours of free studio space.

IN RESIDENCE: $50,000 choreographic commission to one mid-career artist for a mainstage work.

IN CONVERSATION: Curated Series of talks, forums and events for our dance community.

All applications for PATHWAYS PROGRAM opportunities will be reviewed by an artistic programming panel, led by Artistic Director, Raewyn Hill.


Helen Carroll
Manager Wesfarmers Arts & Co3 Board Director 

Anna Reece
Director, Fremantle Arts Centre 

Jeremy Smith
General Manager, PICA 

Gavin Webber
Co-Director, THE FARM  

Rachael Whitworth
Senior Producer, Performing Lines