The name Co3 Contemporary Dance (pron. Koh-three) embodies the past and the future of contemporary dance in Western Australia.

‘Co’ is an abbreviation for company and contemporary. The number 3 is representative of the three parts of the company: a professional dance ensemble, an engagement program and an education program.

Co3 Contemporary Dance's artistic programming framework is delivered under the philosophy of Curate, Commission, Create.

Co3 Contemporary Dance was formed from the amalgamation of Buzz Dance Theatre (Buzz) and STEPS Youth Dance Company (STEPS) in May 2014 and maintains the legacy of high-quality engagement within education, youth, and community sectors.

The company has also been able to capitalise on the strong foundations of innovative contemporary dance in the state sector.


Beginning life in 1985 as 2 Dance, the company was a pilot program, founded by dancer Derek Holtzinger with funding from the WA Arts Council and the Education Department of Western Australia.

The success of the program attracted further state funding and support from the Theatre Board of the Australia Council. Buzz Dance Theatre was Australia’s premier dance theatre company for children and young people.

Nationally awarded as a leader in its field, is created performances and led workshops that were designed specifically to foster creativity in all its shapes and forms.

The company’s creative teams used contemporary dance, music, theatre, design and technology to capture the imagination of children and young people, inviting them to explore, create and play, not only as audience members but also as collaborators.


STEPS was a not for profit part-time organisation offering extraordinary dance experiences for young people.

The company engaged arts professionals to inspire, mentor and work with company members aged 7-21 to develop performance skills, increase confidence and engage the creative energy of dancers and audiences alike. Young dancers were exposed to the transformative power of dance, encouraging them to create their own contemporary culture.

Alongside like-minded peers, STEPS extending and inspired young people to maximise their potential, free their sense of self and encourage and nurture their individuality.