24 May 2023

Co3 launches new digital community engagement program - THE CHAIN PROJECT

Co3 has launched a new interactive digital program, called THE CHAIN PROJECT, which invites written responses to a moving image series, 'in search of the Nightingale'. The video is timeless and contemporary, specific and yet a poem of the universality of human experience.


Devised by Artistic Director Raewyn Hill with video artist Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson and web developer Steve Berrick, THE CHAIN PROJECT makes for a safe, personal, and anonymous user experience where participants watch and reflect on the human condition. They are prompted to write a short passage in response to the imagery and the ideas of perseverance, hope and endurance depicted. Once an entry is submitted, it becomes the prompt alongside the moving images for the next participant to respond to, creating a digital chain connecting ideas, people, and place. 

The video draw inspiration from Shakespeare’s The Seven Ages of Man and the mystical interpretation of Bahá’u’lláh’s The Seven Valleys. Video artist Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson stated, "To witness Raewyn's delicate craft of choreography, is such a phenomenal, and transformative creative experience - learning from and with her, in this creative conversation found within 'in search of the Nightingale', unravelled personal meaning of search, the ardour of grit and the mysticism of spiritual labour. In offering my artistic language in video art, and collaboratively creating this poetic epic of reflection, Raewyn's innate ability to push the grit of the concept further was breathtaking. It became about this conversation and offering this reflective approach to the wider community - to listen, to absorb and to share - in this progressive chain of artistic intersubjectivity." 

Participants move from passive bystander, to witness, and then as contributor, resulting in a collective expression from the community of Western Australia that will inform ideas explored in the mainstage performance of ARCHITECT OF THE INVISIBLE (11-15 October 2023), presented in the Heath Ledger Theatre at the State Theatre Centre of WA.  

“This is the most exciting phase of my process in developing new work that connects me directly with community sentiment and thought,” Artistic Director Raewyn Hill said. “The journey to overcome and endure is universal to us all, in both big and small ways. Although it is an individual journey, we can connect and bond through life's challenges and be hopeful in the face of what may seem impossible.” 

THE CHAIN PROJECT is accessible to community groups and individuals through Co3's website, and is currently being rolled out to six metropolitan schools, beginning with Warnbro Community High School, as part of CONNECT 2023: THE CHAIN PROJECT, presented by Act Belong Commit. Co3 teaching artists Laura Boynes, Tom Mullane, Izzy Leclezio, Briannah Davis, Storm Helmore and Alex Kay will deliver a bespoke engagement program covering themes of resilience, perseverance, and courage. The program aims to encourage self-reflection, team building and curiosity, all while developing physical skills that embrace creativity and individuality. It can be designed and adapted for students, Year 3 to Year 12, and is tailored to meet varying needs, levels, and abilities. 

Lotterywest and Healthway CEO Ralph Addis said, Healthway is proud to support Co3's schools engagement program through Act Belong Commit. “The program creates opportunities for students to learn how to prioritise their social and emotional wellbeing in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment.”  



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Community – individuals and groups 



For media enquiries please contact Tracy Routledge at or call 0412 223 221. 

Images available for download here

Photos by Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson.