Mitch is a founding dancer of Co:3 Australia. Mitch graduated from WAAPA with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance in 2013, where he spent six months studying abroad at the Tapei National University of the Arts.

Since graduating Mitch has performed with Leigh Warren and Dancers alongside State Opera of South Australia for the performance in the Phillip Glass Trilogy; Brooke Leeder’s award winning work with Mechanic at Fringe World. In 2016 Mitch was involved in the development of new work with Danielle Micich and Force Majeure.

Mitch performed with STEPS Youth Dance Company (2006-2009) under Sam Fox and Alice Lee Holland and trained with the Perth School of Ballet.

With Co:3 Australia Mitch has performed in re:Loaded (2015 & 2016) choreographed by Larissa McGowan, Gavin Webber and Raewyn Hill and also performed in Raewyn Hill’s the cry (2016), in Raewyn Hill’s THE ZONE (2017), Chrissie Parrott & Unkempt Dance’s WA Dance Makers Project (2018) and Reincarnation (2019) with West Australian Ballet & Co:3 Australia as part of West Australian Ballet’s In:Synch: Ballet at the Quarry.

In 2016, Mitch worked with Antony Hamilton on his new work Crazy Times in collaboration with Sydney Dance Company, which premiered at the Sydney Opera House in 2017. Most recently he has performed in Token Armies Antony Hamiltons first work as Artistic Director of Chunky Move.

In 2019 Mitch has received residencies at the Fremantle Arts Centre, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre and Lake Studios Berlin to develop his new works MindCon and Circa:Now:Us.

Nerida Dickinson

/ ArtsHub Australia

"Mitch Harvey and Ella-Rose Trew impress with their powerful responses throughout”

Nerida Dickinson

/ ArtsHub Australia

“Solo or foregrounded displays from Katherine Gurr and Mitch Harvey are memorable highlights, demonstrating personal passion and skill as well as providing respite from the high drama of the emotive massed group scenes.”

Sarah Green

/ Australian Stage

“Diversity was evident in the variety of hairstyles and body shapes, with Mitch Harvey in particular towering over the other dancers.”

Vanya Bromilow

/ Seesaw Magazine

“I can never stop watching WA’s Mitch Harvey – this is in part because he’s so damn good and in part because he towers over everyone like a member of some super-handsome alien species. (As a tall person myself, I just don’t understand how it’s possible that someone of Harvey’s height can possess such mastery over his limbs.)”