May Greenberg

May Greenberg is a Perth based, independent dancer who graduated WAAPA in 2014 with a BA in Dance. May performed Decadance choreographed by Ohad Naharin as part of the 2016 MoveMe Festival and his acclaimed work Minus 16 at the 2016 Australian Dance Awards. She has worked with various independent Perth based choreographers and artists including Kynan Hughes for Winter Shadows (2017), Mitchell Harvey’s CIRCA:NOW:US (2018, 2019, 2020) and Brooke Leeder in various projects including Inertia (2016), Australian Dance Award Nominated RADAR as part of the 2019 Fremantle Biennale, Structural Dependency at PSAS Fremantle (2018) and as part of the Perth Festival 2021.

May choreographed and performed How To Digest an Apple as part of InSitu 2018 and choreographed her first solo Tried, In My Way (2018) for STRUT Dance’s Short Cuts season. She was cast as a lead in the immersive theatre experience A Midnight Visit as part of 2019 Perth Fringe Festival and toured regional Western Australia in 2019 with Natalie Allen’s A Night Out! as a performer, and workshop facilitator. May choreographed award-winning The Herd (2020) and Seek Distraction (2021) for the Graduate College of Dance. In 2020, was commissioned by STRUT Dance to choreograph Escapism in SITU8’s season, and performed her solo, Oy Vey, in 900 Seconds curated by Bernadette Lewis. Most recently, she performed In Good Company (2021) choreographed by Brooke Leeder, Mitchel Harvey and Robert Tinning. May is motivated by her curiosity to layer new information into her physicality and her creative practice.