Satoshi Okada

Born in Japan, 1962. After graduating from MSBA, Columbia University in 1989 and receiving his Ph.D from Waseda University 1993, Satoshi established Satoshi Okada architects Inc. in 1995.

Awarded several prizes in and out of Japan; one of the most remarkable is the Grand-prix in Dedalo Minosse International Prize in Italy, 2006. The first monograph was published from Electa architettura with the introduction – “L’architetto Satoshi Okada” – by Francesco Dal Co, 2009.

Works and projects have been published in numerous publications and some films across the world. Okada is also a professor at Chiba University and a research fellow at the Toyota Foundation. He has been a panelist for international symposiums; i.e. The Essence of Cool at TU-Delft in 2012, and a visiting professor at several institutes and academies abroad.

Satoshi worked with Artistic Director Raewyn Hill and Co3 Contemporary Dance to create the set for THE ZONE (2017).