Andrew is a founding dancer of Co3. Andrew pursued dance at Terry Simpson Studios. After graduating high school, Andrew trained full-time at the New Zealand School of Dance (2010-2012) and received a Diploma in Dance Performance. Andrew worked for Raewyn Hill at Dancenorth in 2013, performing and touring with the company throughout Queensland, Tasmania and New Zealand.

Whilst at Dancenorth, he also danced for choreographers Gavin Webber and Huang Yi, collaborating alongside Tasdance for the 2014 season of Threefold: Webber / Hill /Huang Yi. Most recently, Andrew worked with Gavin Webber and The Farm, performing at Bleach* Festival (2015 & 2016) and in development with fellow dancer Zachary Lopez thanks to the Department of Culture and the Arts WA. Andrew has worked with Tasdance on their 2015 Luminous Flux season with works by Tanja Liedtke and Byron Perry, touring Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales.

Andrew performed in Co3’s re:Loaded (2015 & 2016) choreographed by Larissa McGowan, Gavin Webber and Raewyn Hill. Andrew performed in Raewyn Hill’s the cry, Co3’s first full-length work as part of the MoveMe Festival 2016. Andrew performed in Frank Enstein (2017 & 2018) made by THE FARM, in collaboration with Co3 Australia. Andrew also performed in Raewyn Hill’s THE ZONE.

“Most Outstanding Dancer 2016 – Andrew Searle, guest artist in Co3’s re:Loaded” – Rita Clarke, The Australian

With Andrew Searle brilliantly heading the pack, the dancers displayed commendable endurance and physical agility as they lunged and charged to a rousing musical climax.” – Margaret Mercer, Dance Australia

Most Outstanding Dancer 2016 – Andrew Searle (Co3) in Gavin Webber’s What’s Left and Raewyn Hill’s Carnivale, re:Loaded” – Nina Levy, The West Australian

“Searle, Lopez and Maslin embraced the hyper-mobility of their humanoid characters with cleanly executed, beautifully controlled, and (most importantly for comedy), impeccably timed movement that was hugely entertaining” – Denise Richardson, Dance Australia

“More established performers in Associate Artist Ella-Rose Trew and Guest Artist Andrew Searle demonstrate their capabilities with leading roles in small groups, holding attention with their personal presence as well as controlled physicality.” – Nerida Dickinson, Artshub

“As the guest artist, Andrew Searle shines” – Vanya Bromilow, Seesaw Magazine.

“Three dancers (Zachary Lopez, Andrew Searle, Russell Thorpe) roll like waves around one another, the long black skirts of all cast members swirling in sympathy” – Nina Levy, The West Australian

“Searle was powerful, graceful and lithe, and he shares a beautiful moment with young Frank in an exploration of the difference in their arms.” – Margaret Mercer, Dance Australia

“Searle moved through his mass of spirals with his trademark grace.” – Nina Levy, Seesaw Magazine

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