Dance company director starts ‘art vs sport’ conversation


Co3 Artistic director Raewyn Hill started a conversation about “art vs sport” with the WA Institute of Sport (WAIS) last week.

Dancers from the King Street-based company, including Mitchell Harvey from Wembley Downs and Mt Lawley resident Zoe Wozniak, spent the week with WAIS athletes, divers, synchronised swimmers and gymnasts.

Ms Hill said she was passionate about the similarities between art and sport and how they could be integrated in to her dance program.

“What’s been amazing for the dancers is they’re beginning to understand and the concept makes more sense to them,” the Shenton Park resident said.

“Courage, determination, tenacity and discipline are all common to dancers and athletes.

“In some ways we can feel quite isolated so it’s been amazing for the dancers to be around the athletes and realise they’re similar sorts of people.”

Yoga is one form of training the two disciplines have in common.

Javelin throwers Luke Cann, of Floreat, and Cruz Hogan, of Kallaroo, have at least one yoga class a week.

Mr Hogan said dancing and throwing a javelin involved timing, getting in to position and finesse.

“We count in the back of our mind just not the same way dancers do,” he said.