Claudia Alessi

Claudia has a diverse and award-winning career in dance and physical theatre. She’s lectured, choreographed and directed with WAAPA, HotBed Ensemble, Melbourne Theatre Co, Theatre Kimberly, BUZZ, STEPS & Black Swan Theatre Co. She’s performed and toured nationally & internationally with companies including Chrissie Parrott Dance Co, Foundation Jean Pierre Perrault (Canada), Plasticien Volants (France), Black Swan State Theatre, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, Legs on The Wall, Steamworks, Australian Dance Theatre and MAXIMA. In ‘12 she launched her collective Co Complesso and continues to make work, lecturer and movement direct in the Dance, Acting & Musical Theatre Departments at WAAPA. Claudia has served on state and national boards and continues to work regionally, and nationally from remote communities to major companies. More recently she’s engaged with CIRCA for LEVITHAN Perth Festival production 2020.