Powerful and fiery: The Zone combines art, dance and music to create a work of passion

Evie McGrath, Scoop Online. 


Dark but lively, The Zone is a fiery dance piece that explores the concept of community and the importance of coming together in difficult circumstances.


WA contemporary dance company Co3 are renowned for producing content that explores education, youth and community. For The Zone, artistic director and choreographer Raewyn Hill has collaborated with world-renowned Japanese architect Satoshi Okada to create this sensational piece in an extraordinary setting.


Okada’s set design is striking. Two large white walls meet at an angle, allowing light to peak through to the centre of the stage, perhaps a way of giving the audience a sense of inclusion in the piece. On these two walls, dancers mysteriously appeared and disappeared through horizontal incisions set at different heights, each of the performers drowning in black robes that hung below the ankles. The overall visual of was one of broken landscapes and people in despair.


The original score, performed live by Eden Mulholland, created an intimate atmosphere in the theatre. Mulholland was visible, walking around just below the stage as he played a range of instruments including the piano and guitar. The music had it’s roots clearly planted in traditional folk music, and ultimately formed the backbone of the performance with it’s emotive sound.


Minimalism was a major theme of this performance, which explored how disaster strips society bare of good judgement, only for it to be gradually built back up once the initial pressure is relieved. Okada, Hill and Mulholland have collectively produced a thought-provoking piece of live art, inviting the audience to evaluate their priorities whilst reminding them of the power of coming together in times of hardship.


Image by Stefan Gosatti.