THE LINE, created by Raewyn Hill in collaboration with Mark Howett. This dance-theatre work draws on the boundary line that demarcated a prohibited area in central Perth for Aboriginal people not in employment between 1927 and 1954. THE LINE is inscribed with live accompaniment by Co:3 Australia Associate Artist and award-winning musician Eden Mulholland and internationally renowned classical-accordionist, James Crabb.

THE LINE is a Western Australian story of segregation, confinement, abandonment and of cross-racial relationships during the 1930s in Western Australia. On 18 March 1927, the Governor of Western Australia relied on the 1905 Act to declare the City of Perth a prohibited area for Aboriginal people, who were not in employment. There was a six o’clock curfew which made it illegal for Aboriginal people not in employment to be in the City of Perth without a pass.

An artistic partnership between Raewyn Hill and Mark Howett, THE LINE shifts and shudders with the strength of contemporary voice, consciously echoing with the energy and movement of an unjust and painful past. A living history, a line that connects to an experience of the local community that is deeply soaked into place, land and memory.


15 MAY – 19 MAY 2019




Perth Arts Live

"Artistic Director Raewyn Hill and co-creator and Noongar man Mark Howett unleashed an exhilarating new work, THE LINE, on the public last week, and it will be one of 2019’s most noteworthy productions."


"Beyond its impressive technical and demonstrative choreography, Co:3 does not shy away from bringing the hidden past of settler society to modern scrutiny and reflection."

Seesaw Magazine

"...the three dancers gave compelling performances on opening night, displaying admirable physical and emotional stamina. Though the duo and trio work was impressive, it was in their solo moments that each dancer shone brightest, Searle slicing and dicing, Gurr arching and melting, and Wilkes gently gesturing."


"The score is composed and performed by the legendary Eden Mulholland and performed in collaboration with classical accordionist James Crabb. The interplay between musicians and the action on stage as they move back and forth, crossing boundaries we as an audience draw for them is one of the highlights of THE LINE."


Mark Howett