What is The Bird Makers Project? 

The Bird Makers Project, is a global initiative that involves members of the public creating a bird out of black fabric, from online resources provided by Co:3. These birds will become an essential component of an epic theatre set for a new contemporary dance work, ARCHIVES OF HUMANITY, premiering in Perth in 2021. Find out more. 

What components are involved in the project? 

Components involve; the making of a fabric bird out of a black garment; writing a story of its creation; registering your bird online; after which, we will arrange collection of your bird for use as part of a theatre set. To get started, refer to the What You Will Need Guide.

 How long does the project run for? 

The project, for creating 1001 black birds by members of the public, runs continually for six months from 15 April to 15 October 2020. 

Where does the fabric for the bird come from? 

Members of the public participating in the project are charged with creating a bird from a black garment in their wardrobe. A garment donated for the purpose of this project that is likely obsolete in terms of its wearability – embracing a re-use, re-cycle, re-purpose philosophy.  

Why a black garment specifically?  

We are creating an installation above the stage of a flock of 1001 black birds, that will provide an amazing visual focal point for the dance work, ARCHIVES OF HUMANITY. Uniformity in the creation of these birds to maintain the flock ‘effect’ is key to the project. 

What do you mean by writing a story of the garment?  

Part of the project is investigating the memories and stories embedded in the fabrics that we wear. Beyond the significance of the actual garment, we are also interested to hear stories from members about its creation in isolation and narratives of personal migration. 

What will I need to create my bird?  

All items that you need can be found in the What You Will Need Guide.  

Do I need a sewing machine to make my bird?  

No, you can hand-stitch your bird too. There are both options available as part of the resources provided to members on the project. 

Are there instructions I can follow?  

Yes, there are detailed Step-By-Step Videos and an Instruction Guide. Including three different sized bird patterns to choose from.



How long will it take me to make a bird?  

On average, between 1 – 2.5 hours. Depending on your skill level and whether you are following machine sewing or hand stitching instructions.  

Normally when sewing a shape, you stitch and then turn it inside-out, but it looks like the edges are on the outside of the bird?  

Correct. The raw edges of the fabric remain on the outside, there is no requirement to turn the bird shapes inside-out after sewing. This rawness is part of the design brief for the set and in fact makes the bird even easier to create! 

Can I embellish my bird? 

We would prefer you keep the birds predominantly black in colour and embellish with fabric elements only. So, no feathers, eyeballs or bedazzling. We are looking for the flock of 1001 black birds to have some uniformity. Additional individuality will come from the story you share of the meaning behind its creation.  

Can I make more than one bird? 

Yes. You are welcome to make as many as you like. After all, we need 1001 of these made for the set. Please register them separately. 

I am having trouble making my bird, who can I contact? 

Don’t worry – we are here to help! If you are on Facebook, we suggest you join The Bird Makers Community, where Paul Row and other members can support you through the process. Alternatively, email us at

How do I register my bird?  

You can register your bird via the online form Register Your Bird. Upon completing your registration, you will receive an email confirmation about your submission.

How do I get my bird to you? 

If have registered your bird and are in Western Australia, we will follow up with further instructions and advise on key drop-off points. Alternatively, if you are willing to cover the cost of postage, you can send it straight to us at the address below.

Can I be part of the project if I don’t live in Western Australia? 

Yes. Everyone from across the country and around the world are welcome to take part in bird making, sharing your story and registering your bird online. We cannot cover interstate postage or international shipping. However, if you would like to send your bird to Perth at your own expense, we will be more than happy to accept it. 

Please address to: 

Co:3 Australia 
PO Box 7009