Renowned Japanese Architect sets the stage

His designs can be found throughout Japan and worldwide, and for the first-time renowned architect, Satoshi Okada, is making work for stage collaborating such Co3’s Artistic Director, Raewyn Hill, Okada’s large scale set piece will transform the Heath Ledger Theatre in September for THE ZONE.

Raewyn discovered Okada-san’s work over a decade ago, when drawn to the simplicity of form, and the importance of light within the design of his Mt Fuji House (2000). They eventually met in Tokyo 2012 when both their works were presented at the National Arts Centre, Tokyo. During Raewyn’s AsiaLink residency to the Tokyo Wondersite in 2016 she finally invited him to create the set for her new work, THE ZONE, a work about community.

Of Satoshi, Raewyn says:

“Satoshi Okada’s architectural work is breath taking in beauty and simplicity, and it is an honour that he has agreed to design the set for THE ZONE. This is Okada-san’s first foray into designing anything for stage, and I am deeply honoured to have the opportunity to work with him and his team.”

Raewyn has long been interested in the intersection of human movement with architecture. It can be argued that architecture is inherently social; it has no functionality unless humans interact with it, explore it, live in it. The same can be said for contemporary dance; it is a form that is embodied and requires a viewer to engage with it, and meaning can only be discovered through this engagement.

“For me, dance is the ultimate in figurative sculpture, an emotionally engaging, embodied language communicating through the magical third space between performer and viewer. As a creator, I seek to make the invisible visible, relying on the viewer actively engaging with my work and connecting to the emotionality represented in movement by the dancers.” Raewyn said.

With the support of Jonathan Lake at HASSELL architects, the set will be constructed at MosArts in Mosman Park for the duration of the rehearsal period before being installed at the Heath Ledger Theatre for the opening of THE ZONE that runs 7–16 September.


Tickets to THE ZONE can be purchased through Ticketek.