Made by The Farm in collaboration with Co3 Australia

Frank could be a genius. Just one more ‘i’ and he’d be an Einstein!

Frank’s a lonely guy who wants to make his imaginary friends real. Harnessing electricity from a storm he creates his world from nothing but his imagination and the garbage in his lab. Battling a physical impairment, Frank creates monsters to fulfill his desire to be normal and to be accepted by others. Can he control what he creates? And who is the real monster anyway?

Frank Enstein was a retelling of the classic tale for children and adults – magical dance-theatre illuminating a path to self-acceptance.

The Farm’s wicked sense of humour together with the extreme physicality of Co3 Australia’s dancers combined magic and dance to create a show for the child in all of us.

Heath Ledger Theatre, State Theatre Centre of WA
Wednesday 11 – Sunday 15 April



Graeme Watson

/ OUTinPerth

“It’s a youthful and energetic work, the dance movement is lively, contorted and fast.”

Rita Clarke

/ The Australian

“This Co3 production is funny, polished and strong on the charm of the performers, each of whom shows a vivid individuality and actorly skills as well as being a consummate dancer. As with most stories created for children this one has universal charm.”

Nina Levy

/ Seesaw Magazine

“Kudos to the creators of this work, The Farm’s Gavin Webber and Grayson Millwood, as well as it’s cast – Frank Enstein 2.0 won me over.”

Kimberley Shaw

Stage Whispers

“Frank Enstein is a captivating piece of dance theatre that is a wonderful blend of good storytelling and contemporary dance. Moving and meaningful but also capable of producing floods of giggles from tiny audience members, it is theatre with much merit and broad appeal.”

Margaret Mercer

/ Dance Australia

“This production, while staying true to the novels significant themes, finds joy, humour and contemporary relevance in an imaginative, 60 minute, highly-theatrical tale of isolation, difference, inclusion, love and self-acceptance.”